Archidon in Stick War, Stick War 2 and Stick Empires


Art of an Archidon taking aim. Notice the missing string.

Archidon Box Archidons serve as the light ranged unit for Order. Their speed allows for kiting which can be devastating in hit-and-run attacks. Thanks to their speed and good offence, they are favored and used highly among high level players.

Archidons wear a quiver of arrows on their back. Armoury options tend to lean towards ranger style options.


Health 1 Bar Unarmoured (9HP)
Damage (hp) 1.12 Medium (Normal Attack)

2.24 High (Fire Arrow)

Attack Speed 0.53 a/s
DPS 0.59 (Normal Attack)

1.18 (Fire Arrow)

Speed (m/s) 2.06 Medium
Cost 300 Gold
Training Time 15 seconds




Fire Arrows

Fire arrows
Archidon Fire Arrows

A group of Archidons shooting fire arrows

The sole ability of the Archidon. Costing 50 gold and 100 mana to research, this ability can be used at any time for 5 mana per arrow. These flaming arrows have a longer range, and do more damage (twice the damage of a standard arrow) and causes burn damage. They are normally fired in one volley, as shown in the image.

These arrows can be fired normally or straight upwards, coming down on enemies from above. However, Archidons only fire arrows vertically if the enemy is on the edge of their range. These vertically fired arrows can be easier to dodge, but can circumvent blocking measures such as walls.



Use of Archidons in a Spearcher army.

Archidons are one of the main damaging parts of the Spearcher - a combinations of Speartons and Archidons. They have the capability to be one of the most damaging ranged units in the game with their speed, range (second highest) and damage (in large numbers). 

As such, Archidons become a crucial part of armies in the early-game and mid-game instead of Albowtross because of their lower cost, speed, and population. They can also be microed in various ways such as kiting, forward kiting etc. making them a good unit for pressure and hit-and-run attacks. With kiting, you can deal damage while retreating, and then when the enemy retreats you can forward kite to deal even more damage. However, Archidon arrows are not armour-piercing. Therefore late-game, they are not a good part of the army and should be replaced with Enslaved Giants, Magikill, Albowtross, or Merics.


  • Archidons were buffed in the past. They had their price reduced from 350 gold to 300.
  • Fire Arrows used to be no different from other arrows, except in range. This was fixed in a patch, obviously.
  • When an Archidon kills a Swordwrath, a unique kill animation will play, where the arrow hits the Swordwrath in the head. This is not considered a duel animation because it is available to all players, not just gold members.
  • It is said that a group of 5 Archidons can take down one Spearton with kiting if granted enough space.
  • Archidons can no longer be killed instantly by the Magikill explosion. But will die after applying burn damage.
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