The Armory is a feature for all of the Stick War games, but it varies in every one. It can only be accessed between levels/matches.


Stick WarEdit

Stick War Amory

The Armory with a few units upgraded

In the original game, you could access the armory after a level is completed. 2 points (represented by purple bars) are awarded for every completion. Points could purchase upgrades for the men and statue, such as speed for Swordwraths, Minion spawn for Magikill, fire arrows for Archidons, and many more. Points could be carried over.

All upgrades cost one upgrade point. You can't acess the armory before completing level 1 and unlocking the archer. List of upgrades:

Unit Upgrade By Unlocked on level
Castle Income, gold/second generated by castle +2 N/A
Archer, arrows fired by castle archers 25% N/A
Hitpoints +100% N/A
Miner Pickaxe mining rate +20% N/A
Mining bag capaticy +20% N/A
Swordman Speed +20% N/A
Sword, attack strength +20% 3
Archer Arrow damage +25% N/A
Spearton Helmet, Health +20% 4
Spear, Attack +20% 4
Shield, Health and chance that a block will be successful +10% 4
Wizard Summoning spell, number of units summoned +1 6
Stun spell, stun time +15% 6
Giant Health +20% 9

Stick War: LegacyEdit

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Unit Name Description Unlocked on level Number of upgrade levels
Statue Statue Crown +2 gold/second per level. 1 3
Statue Size +100% hitpoints to Statue per level. 1 3
Castle Archer +25% Castle Archidon damage per level. 1 3
Miner Miner Bag +20% Miner bag size per level. 1 3
Miner Pick Axe +20% mining rate per level. 1 3
Swordwrath Swordwrath Helmet +20% health per level.

+10% footspeed per level.

1 3
Swordwrath Sword +20% Swordwrath damage per level. 3 3
Archidon Archidon Quiver +20% Archidon damage per level. 1 3
Spearton Spearton Helmet +20% Spearton health per level. 4 3
Spearton Shield +10% health per level.

+10% block chance per level.

4 3
Spearton Spear +25% Spearton damage per level. 4 3
Magikill Magikill Hat +1 max Minions per level. 6 3
Magikill Staff +15% Magikill stun damage per level. 6 3
Giant Giant Growth +30% Giant health per level. 9 3

Stick War 2Edit

The Armory for this game involved abilities and technologies and worked as a chain- to get to some abilities, you had to traverse through the selection to get to it. For this reason, the better ones were at the top and were harder to get to. You could choose one after every battle.

Stick EmpiresEdit

On Stick Empires, certain armor, weapons, and miscellaneous items can be purchased for your men, having no added damage or protection... it is just for design. Without Gold Membership, you can only buy Order items, cause that's the only army you have. Items can be purchased with Empire Coins.

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