A Bomber is a unit of the Chaos Empire. They cost 75 Gold.


Bombers are great for taking out large groups of enemies with one quick blow. They are very fast, so they are able to chase down any units who try to escape (except for a few speedier units) and blow them up.

They are most useful in groups, as a single Bomber takes away three fourths of a health bar and inflicts Burn. Waves of these can torment your opponent.

Since they die whenever they attack, Bombers are very cheap and take only 8 seconds to train. They are very useful for taking out enemy Miners right at the start because of their cheapness, as well as their speed (They can dodge Castle Unit projectiles)

Bombers are also the only melee unit (other than Chaos Giants) that are able to take down aerial units, but only by their ability, Detonate which causes them to explode voluntarily.


Bombers are short stick figures, similar in size to the Stick War unit, the Minion. They carry two sticks of dynamite with the fuses always lit. Promotional art shows them to have evil grins with very sharp teeth.

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