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Here are listed all the skills in the game. For further description, click the image of the skill to redirect to a short article on the skill. Hover over the skill to check the skills (THIS FEATURES WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE FUTURE)

Castle Upgrades (all empires) Edit

  1. Passive Income : Gain a small amount of gold every few seconds. Increases with levels 2 and 3.
  2. Castle Archer : Will spawn a powerful archer to protect your statue. Multiple archers will appear at higher levels.
  3. Tower Spawn: (Lv. 1) An uncontrollable Spearton, Juggerknight, or Charrog with aura will spawn from the tower. (Lv. 2) An uncontrollable Enslaved Giant, Giant, or bigger Charrog with aura will spawn from the tower.
  4. Hustle - Increased miner health and speed.
  5. Resilience - Statue health increases.

Order SkillsEdit

  1. Rage - (Swordwrath) Swordwraths glow red and have increased speed and damage. Loses a bit of HP upon activation.
  2. Fire Arrows (Archidon) - Archidons shoot a powerful arrow that deals fire damage.
  3. Shield Wall (Spearton) - Speartons form a damage-reducing formation.
  4. Shield Bash (Spearton) - Speartons bash shields and deal damage.
  5. Wall (Miner) - Miner constructs a wall with 5 HP bars.
  6. Explosion (Magikill) - Creates an AOE explosion that deals initial damage and fire damage.
  7. Poison Spray (Magikill) - Poisons all units in a small area.
  8. Electric Wall (Magikill) - Makes a vertical wall that does damage to units inside or passing through it.

Chaos SkillsEdit

  1. Turret
  2. Charge

Elemental Skills Edit

  1. Mass Heal
  2. Morph
  3. Radiant Heat
  4. Burrow
  5. Summon Scorplings
  6. Death Blossom
  7. Meteor Shower
  8. Dragon Call
  9. Protect
  10. Tornado
  11. Possess

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