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Units are what you control in the game. You build units to make an army to defeat the opponent's statue. Every Empire has 9 units, making 27 in all.

Elementals have only 9 units (excluding chomplers and scorplings) even though their unit creation screen has 11 icons, because Scorch and Blind Gate are not units. However, they are still featured on this page because they are still formed from Elemental combinations. Scorpling is not a unit that can be bought with gold or mana, but it is spawned by Treatures, so it is still featured here.

Order UnitsEdit

  • Miners (Worker) "Gold please."
  • Swordwrath (Melee) "Limbs will sever at mere sight!"
  • Archidon (Light ranged) "They will fall before they get a chance to stand."
  • Spearton (Melee/tank) "Born to die, But not before them!"
  • Shadowrath (Scout/assassin) "The last thing you never see."
  • Magikill (Spellcaster) "Today we summon unity!"
  • Enslaved Giant (Heavy ranged/tank) "I big rock throw."

Chaos UnitsEdit

  • Miners (Worker) "We had no choice."
  • Crawler (Light melee/scout) "Meeyowww!"
  • Bomber (Area of effect assassin) "Medusa wants you to have this!"
  • Juggerknight (Melee) "Chaaaaaarrrrrrrrgeeee!"
  • Dead (Range/tank) "Ugrrhgh braaaaiins!"
  • Eclipsor (Air/ranged) "Shadows can hurt."
  • Marrowkai (Spellcaster) "I am all that is left"
  • Medusa (Spellcaster) "You fools thought Inamorta belonged to you?)
  • Giant (Heavy melee/tank) "Stop moving puny things."

Elemental UnitsEdit

  • Chompler (Worker) "It's all about texture."
  • Earth (Light melee) "We will, we will, punch you!"
  • Water (Support/scout) "I am life you are death."
  • Air (Air light ranged) "I'm always calm before I storm."
  • Fire (Ranged) "Everything burns if it's hot enough."
  • Cycloid (Air/support/melee) "The skies belong to me."
  • Treature (Heavy spellcaster) "Say hello to my little friends."
  • Infernos (Spellcaster) "Awaken Vastolis, it's time to feed!"
  • Charrog (Melee/tank) "Soon your pain will be gone."
  • V (Spellcaster/melee) "I will be your god once again!"
  • Scorpling (Light melee) "Brrddttt brddttt."


  • Castle Dead (Cannot be targeted/ranged/poisoner) "Medusa will have your heads!"
  • Castle Elemental (Cannot be targeted/AOE ranged/flame caster) "Our god will reign once again!"
  • Castle Unit (Cannot be targeted/AOE ranged) "For peace and for order!"
  • Scorch (AOE explosion/Heal/flame caster)
  • Blind Gate (Invisible barrier)

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