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[[File:Box E1.png|thumb|40x40px]]
[[File:Box E1.png|thumb|40x40px]]
[[File:Lava elemental-0.png|thumb|449x449px]]
'Your pain shall be soon gone'
'Your pain shall be soon gone'

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Box E1
Lava elemental-0

'Your pain shall be soon gone'

-Armoury charrog


The charrog is the basic tank of the elementals. It is obtained by mixing earth and fire elementals. It has nine bars of health and is armoured.It has many abilities such as burn and burrow.It is also known as a lava elemental.


Burn=In this skill,the Charrog burns bright with heat,causing burn damage to all units surrounding it.

Burrow=In this skill,the charrog buries itself,making it invincible.It also causes stunning when it comes up again.

Uses and roles

The charrog is a heavy tank,and also is a damage sponge.It is best used to protect the spell casters,ranged and the weak melee units.It is also used for foe base infiltration and spying because of burrowing.It is also a splash damage unit because of burn and burrow.It is an army by itself.


  • The ghostly unit of the elementals is a charrog.
  • The charrog is also known as a lava elemental
  • It is the most cheapest tank ever.

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