Crazy Jay

Crazy Jay as seen on Stick War's intro.

Crazy Jay avatar

Crazy Jay's avatar on StickPage forums

Jason Whitman, aka Crazy Jay, is the creator of the Stick War series. He first produced Stick War with Brock White, and then started working on the subsequent titles and spin-off games. Currently, he is working on Stick War: Legacy, which's alpha is already released, and Stick War 3: Chaos Empire.

Crazy Jay is also widely associated with, being featured in numerous opening credits and even in a few games, such as Kill Crazy Jay. He was actually one of the founding members and is frequently shown on the lobby.


The Crazy Jay artwork usually depicts him as a black/dark gray stick figure (it is a stick-based site) with a blue bandana. He carries around an assortment of weapons, including Colt 1911s, katana blades, bow staffs, and a bunch of other ones.


  • Jason did the artwork and drawings for the 1st game, but the following titles were illustrated by Winston Zhang. 'Case he's better, no offense Crazy Jay.
  • You can very rarely find Crazy Jay on Stick Empires, but good luck- he only makes guest appearances, and usually doesn't plays matches.
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