Dead Box

A Dead is a zombie-like, ranged, armoured unit unique to the Chaos Empire. They throw their own body parts at enemies to poison them. It is not inspired by the Walking Dead.

They have one researchable ability (Poison Guts), and do double the damage to armoured units. (Citation Needed)

Compared to the 1 bar of health for Archidon units (Deads have three), these ranged units can withstand a decent amount of damage and can even be used as tanks. They are plentiful for your army when they are big in numbers. However, Deads cannot face high health units with ranged units behind them. Deads are a very slow moving unit in the game (which is probably because they are zombies and zombies move very slowly), and a phalanx of Speartons will shred right through them. Deads do less damage per shot than Archidons, although the poison would probably make up for that lack of raw damage.

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