"Fast Flying ranged unit trained more quickly and cheaper then Albatross."
"Shadows can hurt."

Eclipsor Box
Eclipsors, or Wingidons serve as the fast ranged unit for Chaos.

Eclipsors appear very similar to Archidons, but have wings. Unlike Albowtrosses, these wings are organic. Eclipsors are armed with a longbow.


Health 2 Bars Unarmoured (18HP)
Damage Medium
Speed Fast
Cost 400 Gold, 150 Mana
Training Time 20 seconds
Population 3

Eclipsors fighting Order


Eclipsor with ghostly juggerknight

Eclipsor Harass

Eclipsors are often used with juggerknights, that tank CA, to harass economies.


Eclipsors are very powerful hit-and-run units. They have high damage and good speeds, this is what makes them good for hit-and-run attacks. Although they have two bars of health, since a patch that nerfed its health, they are very susceptible to DoT and ranged attacks. 

Unlike Deads, Eclipsors can retreat very well, however one simple mistake and you might end up losing all of your Eclipsors, whereas Deads can't retreat very well but they can survive with a lot of health. 


  • Eclipsors have been nerfed in the past with damage reductions and increases in build time(from 16 seconds to 20 seconds). 
  • Eclipsors are weaker than their counterparts, albowtross, which are armoured and have the upgrade 'blazing bolts'. However, they are much more nimble.
  • In the alpha and beta versions of Stick Empires, the Eclipsor was labeled in-game as the "Wingadon".
  • They are the only unit in the game not to have a upgrade.
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