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Gold Deposits in Stick Empires

Gold Resource original

Gold Deposits in the original Stick War

GolddGold.Gold is the main resource for units and upgrades in Stick Empires. Each side has two rows of gold, the one being closer to the statue being referred to as the first row, with the second row being referred to as the second row of gold.

Each side has miners to mine gold for their side. The miners will walk up to a gold deposit and swing their pickaxe. Eventually, they will walk back to the castle and the player will have 75 more gold at this point and repeat the process of mining the gold. In the Alpha Version of the game, each time a miner deposits its bag, you will gain 150 gold instead of 75. When that was fixed, the miners moved faster than before.


Gold DepositsEdit

Gold can be obtained from any of the 16 gold deposits in Stick Empires and Stick Wars 2. There are 8 on each side of the battlefield. This gold can only be collected by Miners. As of Stick Empires Patch 1.33 Miners obtain 25 gold per swing of their pickaxes. Their bags can hold 75 gold (roughly 3 strikes before gold is delivered back to the castle). The gold is not added to your inventory for use until the miner reaches your castle.

This means that a miner with gold in his bag can be killed before reaching the castle to effectively destroy gold.

Central PillarEdit

Controlling the Central Pillar gives whoever controls it 20 gold every few seconds.

Passive IncomeEdit

Passive Income is similar to the Central Pillar. It is an investment you make at the Bank or Black Vault. Each investment costs 150 gold and 100 mana. After the investment is complete, a certain amount of gold and mana is given every few seconds. You can invest 3 times, with each investment granting twice as much gold as the last one (5 at level one, 10 at level 2, 20 at level 3).


Miners Mining Gold

Two Miners mining gold

Gold is used for every unit in the game along with every upgrade and research. Gold is also used for building Miner Walls and Miner Towers.

Asterisks in the below charts indicate that the specific unit or upgrade requires mana in addition to gold.


Unit Gold Cost
Miner 150
Swordwrath 125
Archidons 300
Meric* 300
Mage* 500
Spearton* 450
Shadowrath* 450
Albowtross* 450
Enslaved Giant 1500
Upgrade/Research Gold Cost
Miner Hustle* 300
Passive Income Gold 1, 2, 3* 150
Tower Spawn 1, 2* 600, 2000
Miner Wall (Research) 100
Miner Wall (Build) 200
Resilience* 50
Cure* 100
Giant Growth 1, 2* 200, 400
Poison Spray* 50
Magikill Wall* 100
Castle Archer 1, 2, 3 300, 600, 1000
Fire Arrows* 50
Blazing Bolts 400
Rage* 50
Shield Wall* 50
Shield Bash* 50
Shinobi 1*, Cloak Level 2* 100, 150


Unit Gold Cost
Miner 150
Crawler 100
Juggerknight* 450
Bomber 75
Dead* 300
Eclipsor* 400
Marrowkai* 400
Medusa* 500
Giant 1500
Upgrade/Research Gold Cost
Miner Hustle* 300
Miner Tower (Research) 100
Miner Tower (Use) 300
Passive Income (Each Level)* 150, 150, 150
Predatory Edge* 100
Pack Mentality* 100
Charge* 50
Poison Guts 300
Castle Dead 1 300
Castle Dead 2 600
Castle Dead 3 1000
Hell Fists* 100
Venom Flux* 200
Castle Resilience* 100
Giant Growth 1* 200
Giant Growth 2* 400
Tower Spawn 1* 600
Tower Spawn 2* 2000
Elemental                                                            Gold Cost
Earth Elemental                                                         150

Water Elemental                                                        350

Air Elemental                                                             400
Fire Elemental                                                           450

Charrog                                                                     600

Cycloid                                                                      750

Treature                                                                    700

Infernos                                                                     850
Blind Gate                                                                 600
Scorch                                                                      800
V                                                                             1350


  • Gold resources from the opponent's side of the map can also be mined, although the gold return takes an extremely long time, so this is more of a humiliation tactic than a useful ability. (Often miners will try to mine the gold on your side when you tell them to mine enemy gold as they think it is closer, the miners need to be very close to the enemy gold supplies when instructed to actually mine them.)
  • One Gold Stack is approximately 2500 gold.
  • In the beta, miners used to mine slower and instead of carrying 75 gold, they carried 150. Twice as much gold.
  • You can increase your gold mining rate by researching Miner Hustle.
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