Juggerknight Box

The Juggerknight is an highly armoured and offensive units unique to the Chaos empire, and the counter to Order's Spearton and Elemental's Charrog.

Juggerknights wear helmets, and have axes and shields (although the shield is not used for defensive purposes.) These units are good for tanking damage, and medium sized groups of them coupled with Deads or Eclipsors are capable of killing most foes with ease.

Stats Edit

Health 6 Bars Armoured (54HP)
Damage 1.49 Medium
Speed 2.41 Medium-High

High (while using Charge)

Cost 450 Gold, 50 Mana
Training Time 20 Seconds
Population 3

Abilities Edit

Charge Edit

The sole ability of the Juggerknights. This ability costs 50 gold and 100 mana to research and 15 mana to use the ability. When the ability is used, the Juggerknight charges in a straight line across the battlefield doing stun damage to the first enemy it hits causing the unit to be knocked back.

Uses Edit

The Juggerknight is a highly offensive unit and can almost win any engagement using its charge ability. Once you have at least 6 Juggerknights with Eclipsors or Deads in the back, you can win any engagement with ease. The Juggerknight's greatest enemies are air units: Eclipsors, Albowtross, and Cykloids since they cannot attack or damage them and the Magikill if you clump your Juggerknights together or if they are in a straight line.

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