Marrowkai Box

The Marrowkai is a skeletal mage in the Chaos empire. The Marrowkai has only two spells, alike medusa. What makes the differences are The spell's effects and the impact he can make in the heat of a battle. 

Spell 1: (Reaper, Does not require research) The marrowkai summons a black cloaked figure with a scythe (reaper) and makes him dash to an enemy unit causing the unit to fear and forcing him to run towards the marrowkai making him easy prey for the juggerknights and medusa. This spell is most commonly used to draw out the stickier mages in the back and prevent enemy units from escaping. Reaper, paired with a fast medusa stone face, can instantly kill of a magikill, making a huge difference in battle as the enemy has just lost their magic Support. The cooldown for Reaper is 15 seconds.

Spell 2: (Hell Fists, Requires purchase) The marrowkai slams his fist down upon the earth to bring up a line of undead fists which damage the enemy in a horizontal line. Hell fists can only be cast every 20 seconds and cannot be cast vertically. Hell fists is generally used to pierce through an enemy's defence line and hit the damage dealing units in the back (generally archidons) Hell fists is similar to the magikill's poison spray except instead of poison, it deals true damage. To maxcimize the range of hell fists, Attack from The top of the map and aim to the lower Map. 

Useful information: The marrowkai carries four bars of health, allowing him to survive a shadowrath shinobi level 2. Although he will have the sliver of health left when the shadowrath has attacked, he will usually die of poison unless he is healed immediately. 

The marrowkai has a slow walkspeed, so always leave him in the back of your army otherwise the enemy will be able to pick him up easily as he will be left behind of your Tanks.

When trying to kill off a marrowkai, always wait until his reaper is on cooldown, otherwise he will make you pay in deathly ways.



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