For the boss and the Queen of Chaos in Stick War 2 see Queen Medusa.

"Queen of the Chaos able to turn units to stone and spray pools of poison."
"You fools thought Inamorta belonged to you?"

Medusa Box
Medusa acts as a support spellcaster for Chaos, with abilities for long-range elimination of key-units and area denial through means of poison.

Medusa in Stick Empires has an appearance based off the Medusa from Greek Mythology, most notably with the hair made of snakes. It has many customizable capes and headresses.


Health 4 Bars, Unarmoured (36HP)

Low (Main Attack)

84 Extremely High (Petrify)

Moderate (Venom Flux)

Speed Low
Cost 500 Gold, 400 Mana
Training Time 30 Seconds
Population 5



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Venom FluxEdit

Venom flux

The second ability of Medusa. This ability will spray a green pool of liquid on the ground where Medusa is standing. Any units that come near this fluid will be poisoned. Units standing in the pool WILL NOT take additional damage from the poison.

This pool lasts a fairly long time, typically being used to prevent enemy units passage without being poisoned. This can be used either offensively and defensively by creating a wall of poison, easily killing weaker units and weakening stronger units. This ability is best used against a crowd to help with crowd control or used for area control like a tower.


Medusa's main use is instantly killing nearly any unit with its main ability, Petrify (with the exception of Enslaved Giants and Giants, which even then are severely damaged. Shadowraths on Shinobi will also be rendered untargetable to Petrify). It can also use Venom Flux as a deterent to any attack, as it will poison units. Venom Flux is usually used in order to allow the Petrify ability to regenerate. It is also effective at stopping weaker ranged units, note that this spell will hit air units. Stronger units will still get past, but be poisoned and with lowered health, allowing it to weaken mass rushes.


  • The mythological Medusa petrifies any person that looks upon her, slightly different than in Stick Empires, where Medusa stares at a person to petrify them. 
  • As there is only one Medusa in mythology, the unit in Stick Empires should technically be called gorgons.
  • Medusa used to cost 500 mana, until they were buffed by reducing their cost to 400 mana.
  • Medusa is the fastest spell casting unit in the game (Her spells have only little delay to cast and activate)
  • The image for the spell petrify shows a half-petrified miner
  • According to the image to the bottom right, a Medusa can petrify another Medusa.
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