Miner Box Miners serve as your main source of income in the game. They are available to Chaos and Order. The Elementals use Earth units as miners by transforming them into Chomplers.

The Miner acts as the economic backbone of Order by supplying the majority of the resources needed to create and maintain an army. The Miner is also able to fulfill a defensive role through the construction of the Miner Wall, which blocks enemy troop movement and projectiles once fully built. The Miner can be upgraded to have increased health and speed, although with its pitiful melee power and lack of armour, use of Miners in combat is not a very wise tactical decision most of the time.

Order and Chaos Miners wield a pickaxe that is usable as a weapon but is meant to be used as a mining tool. They also tow a bag (or cart depending on Armoury options) that they supposedly store gold in and emit a blue aura when praying.

Elemental Miners, or Chomplers, are different. They use their jaws and claws to eat gold, which slowly accumulates on a storage area on their backs. When praying for mana, a yellow-white, glowing sphere appears on their backs, similar to the aura emitted by Order and Chaos Miners.

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