Petrify effect

Petrify effect


I found you Medusa!


A swordwrath being petrified

Petrified Miner

A petrified miner

Petrify is the main ability of Medusa, an assassination spell. which does not require researching. This ability will instantly do massive damage that ignores armour.

Players can select a unit they want to turn into stone, via a targeting selection within a range and Medusa casts a vision of her face upon them, killing them where they stand. It instantly kills almost every unit, with the notable exceptions of Enslaved Giants, Giants, Charrogs, Treatures, Speartons in shield wall, and units shielded by a Cycloid. While these units do not die they will still lose a large amount of health.

The ability can take out an expensive unit instantly, making Petrify a great asset to Medusa. Normally petrify is used to prevent the opponent approaching with speartons (keep in mind Petrify does not auto kill a spearton in shield mode) or to remove Magikill and Merics.

Shadowrath under the effect of Shinobi can avoid being targeted, though once out of Shinobi, the effect is instant and the Shadowrath will die. 

The enemy Statue can also be targetted to instantly do damage. It takes 4 shots to kill the un-upgraded statue with petrify.


Gold Cost 0
Mana Cost 0
Research time N/A
Unit Medusa

Trivia Edit

  • Only Medusa could hold the power of Petrify, a merciless (and default) ability of hers. In Stick War 2 - Order Empire, she uses this spell to kill many of Order's helpless units.
  • By gazing into the eyes of a terrified enemy unit, Medusa can turn the stick figure into a motionless statue just by her hideous face (inspired by the Greek Myth).
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