"The last thing you never see."

Shadowrath Box

Shadowraths Are assassin/scout units of Order.

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Shadowraths utilize a staff and a sword for weapons. Their appearance is that of a ninja, with a white line for the hole in the mask. They are one of the fastest units in the game, but not THE fastest.

Stats Edit

Health 4 bars (36 HP) unarmored
Damage(First Hit) 4.35 Low to Very High (Fixate)

Very High (Shinobi)

Attack Speed 1.1 a/s

4.785 (At max, Fury)

Speed(m/s) 3.21 Very High
Cost 450 Gold 150 Mana
Training time 25 Seconds
Population 4

Abilities Edit

Shadowrath have two abilities: Fury and Shinobi.

Fury Edit

This ability does not need to be researched. It also requires no activation as it is a passive skill. The damage a Shadowrath deals increases with each hit, stacking up to 5. This synergizes well with merics as it allows the fight to last long enough to cause serious damage.

Shinobi Lv.1 Edit

The first level of Shinobi costs 100 Gold and 100 Mana. It will deal a lot of damage (not sure of the exact number) and poison the enemy, This can take out Swordwrath and Archidons in one hit. When using Shinobi, the Shadowrath becomes cloaked. Don't be fooled, the Shadowrath is not completely invisible (in fact it would be very hard to control it if it was completely invisible). The enemy player can still easily see its outline. However, when cloaked, the Shadowrath can not take any damage and is undetectable to enemy units, but it moves a lot slower.

Shinobi Lv.2 Edit

Costs 150 gold and 150 mana. Same as Shinobi 1, but deals massive damage, being able to take out magikill in one hit. This skill is used to assassinate enemy units without risking your whole army, hence the "assassination" role.

Trivia Edit

Shinobi wears off the instant a Shadowrath inflicts a hit on a target.

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