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Each player has a statue in a game of Stick Empires. The destruction of your statue results in a loss, making it somewhat similar to your King in Chess.


Health 37 bars Unarmoured


The statue has a large amount of health, however, this health cannot be restored through any conventional means. 

The destruction of a player's statue will cause them to lose. A player's statue is always visible to the other player, and thus can be targeted at any time. 

Miners can be ordered to go to the statue and pray instead of mine. Praying gathers mana for the player to use.

It can also be used as a tank building to tank hits for weak units like Archidons and Swordwrath during early game or when the enemy has broken your lines of defence, and into your base, although this is usually a last resort, as Miner Walls or other tanking units are usually much more effective and versatile as a defence.


Resilience of Chaos

Reslience of Chaos (Unused)

Resilience is an upgrade available to every Empire. It increases the health of the statue, the new increased health is approximately double the original statue's health.

Researching Resilience costs 50 gold and 50 mana


  • A player's statue will be destroyed if they forfeit, similar to a player toppling their own king in chess.
  • The statue has its own unique damage sound that nothing else uses. 
  • Similar to Chaos Giants, the statue's health is so high, that it must be condensed into a single solid bar, unlike other units which have bars split into sections. 
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