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Stick War: Legacy is a mobile game by Max Games Studios, that is available on iTunes and Google Play. The Alpha was released for download on October 30, 2015.

Stick War: Legacy, according to the hints posted on Stick Wars Universe, is a spinoff of the original game, Stick War. A few control differences are obviously gonna be there, as well as slightly better graphics, but the overall gameplay and story will be retained.

Stick War: Legacy has multiple save profiles, visual upgrades with the armory as well as a gem store for powerful spells.

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The normal mode based off the original Stick War.

"The Crown of Inamorta" tournament

"The Crown of Inamorta" tournament mode or simply tournament mode is an upcoming mode announced 2016 March. There will be several AI players to play against. Each character has varying difficulties abilities and skills. Some of the better players will even control individual units and try to target down your back row units. This will add a ton of replayability and each tournament will a new random order of character and levels.[1]

Art in the announcement post:

Gem shop

Gem shopkeeper

The shopkeeper

There is a gem shop for powerful spells, there you are able to buy things with gems or unknown currency represented by a pickaxe, which is not released yet.

The shopkeeper looks like a magikill (Wears the hat and has a beard too), but with a orange wizard hat instead and with glasses. A person like him teaches you how to play the game, but he is without glasses. It is most likely he is the same person.

You can earn gems by watching a 15 seconds video ad for 1 gem, you can do this infinite times. You can also buy gems.

Image Name Description Price
Gem store miner
Miner Gold Rush Miners work 2 times faster for 30 seconds. 5
Gem store swordwrath
Swordwrath Rage Swordwrath attack speed is doubled for 20 seconds. 10
Gem store archidon
Archidon Rain Archidons send a volley of non stop arrows for 20 seconds. 15
Gem store spearton
Spearton Madness Speartons throw their spears and do double damage for 20 seconds. 25
Gem store statue
Statue Turret Your statue doubles its health and throws magical fireballs at your enemies. 50
Golden Spearton The legendary golden spearton is summoned from the ranks of the Order Army. Is there no one else! 100
Summon the Elite Summons an elite mercenary army from the planes of West Wind. 400
Summon Griffon the Great Summon Griffon the Great, the leader of all giants from the depths of No Man's Land. 1000


See Armory#Stick War: Legacy.



  • Statue income upgrade now works
  • Fixed No Man's Land statue
  • Fixed UI bug in Armory


  • Fixed archer accuracy bug
  • No Man's Land statue changed
  • Statue Income now increased to an initial 20 gold per 10 seconds
  • Graphics updates in the UI



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