CrimsonRubie and NavyBluebie's Official Rules, Follow them in Twitter @CrimsonRubieRBX and NavyBluebieRBX In the last episode, order empire defeated the Chaos Empire, now the unities of the Lololoer units rise and it will be awesome story that you never seen. Thank You and were adding a sign called "Obey us"



Okay this is how it goes. Well first of all, all the sides order and chaos to defeat the elemental empires level 1-20. More units added and it will be the most coolest Stick War series you've ever seen. In the mean time while you teamed up with the elements, the empires has to face the most extreme unknown empire called [Untold] Empires. If you see it saids untold, I freakin don't know what happened. Finally before fighting the elemental empires, the order empires and the Magikill's brother Captain Kim Spearton said he decided to kill Shadowrath SHITOWRATH SUCKS LOLOLOSER IS A BITCH @LOLOLOER IN TWITTER TWEET THIS TO HIM: YO MUTHUHFUCKUH [make up bad stuff for him or puns] So they burned him up and he killed a Shadowrath named Lololoer. Umm important message, remember the next episode they force to defeat the unknown empires and yall will see Captain Kim Spearton make a choice... Oh forgot to tell you, Captain Kim Spearton will come up in Stick War 3, bow to him, he is the hero of the order empire. Chaos: Master Kimchin Elemental: Ohnoes the weegee in stick wars 4:Shitowrath rises they all team up with new empires : Alien empire , monster empire, mutation empire, new shadowrath called the hobo hes a miner costs 1$ load time:0 attack -9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 damage the master shadowrath is the boss with shadowrath minions you can also call the hobo "the enslaved diaryah diseased shadowrath" the boss is Lololoer he somehow survived with shinobi and escaped when you defeat him his eyes gets big and says NOOOOOOO YOU HAVENT SEEN THE LAST OFF MEEEERREEEEEEEEEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and unlimited more of that then his soul comes as the 2nd boss it loojs like shadowrath with a big dick and a butt and discusting please cover your eyes Lololoer is a hobo with no shelter naked afraid and lives in a desert and no one else with him and a loser everyone hates him hdhshshdhsnhxhsnshsnsnsnsnnsnsnsnsndndndndndndnvnvd

Main Characters

Magikill Captain Kim Spearton Uncle Sherm Lololoser [Censored Character] Master Sherm George Washington King Crimson Rubie and King Navy Bluebie Shitowrath (Arch enemy)(Lololoer) Bob the Builder Dace Devil Demond Freaking weird A freak Lol lol oer is a bit ch Man Freak number 2 πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’© Duke Buttz Thomas Jeff Tom Jefferson Jefferson Tom Bunker Washman Duke Futtz Futtz fucker damn fuck you shit SHET WORTHLESS JUNK Chuck Alfa Flffl Dece Squierpants Spongedude Chucky Chuckie Chuckie and Chucky Cheezes Chucky (from top) Chuckie (from top) Chucki ChuckE Chuky Chuki Chukie ChukE ChuckchuckadyChuckChuck Chawcky Chawki ChawkE Chawkie Chuckle Chuhhckie Chuhhcky Chuhhcki ChuhhckE Cheases Junk Meatballs Beatballs Chumbballs Feetballs Smeetballs Fleetballs Uncle Grandpa Uncle Grandma Uncle Uncel Thomas Tomas Toomas Santa Claus Santa's Elfs The jugger Jugger Juggerbuta Chumpies Plankton Justin Beaver Justin the beaver Beaver the Justin Grandpa Uncle Smeet Smeat Smeeet Smeaat Smeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Buns Bun Bun the bunny Bugs the bunny Bunny the Bugs Sherm killer The sherm family someone thinks sherm is ugly Statue Statue of Liberty GOF (Get Off Freaks) Sleep Dik Dick Duke Butts Butts Duke OL MAN JENKINS WITH A ROCKET WHEELCHAIR 300 miners 1 Dick 2 Dick Dic Dase Dave Hallophant Dade Mitch Bitch Mitchy Bitchy Snitchy Crazy Hand Master Sheful Saw See Should care Sex Secks Mich Bilsky

Fawk awk wk k Fuk uk kk ICUP fawker Guckers Ronald Hobo Ronald the clown Harold Uhh... Harolld Harold Fatpants

Harrold Hharold Harold2 Harold3 Harold4 Harold5 Harold6 H-7 H-8 H-9 H-1252724272424424272824287508728382382253 H-unlimited H stands for Harold Master Kimchin Ohnoes Weegee Duhman Dutchman Dutchmanrocks Super Why boy

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