Swordwrath is a low health melee unit, used in large numbers or as a basic early game unit for Order.

A Swordwrath lacks any facial features, hair, clothing, or armour. They are a basic black stick figure wielding a sword.


  • Swordwrath don't have any helmets they can wear in the armory. The reason for this is because there is two standing animations for the Swordwrath and it would take too much time to animate each helmet twice.
    • In patch 2.28, helmets were now available in the armory for the Swordwrath.
  • Swordwrath have been buffed in the past by reducing their cost from 150 gold to the current 125 gold.
  • Rage has been nerfed in a previous patch to cost more health.
  • Swordwrath have many different swords available in the Armoury, such as Katanas, Longswords, Claymores and Chainsaws. However, despite all these swords have different styles of use the Swordwrath will use the same attack animations and still do the same amount of damage.
  • Rage openings has been less used ever since the Rage nerf and when the archer meta was more developed.
  • In Stick War 1, Swordwrath used to wield different types of swords which had different damage.
  • If You/enemy attacks with a Horde of Swordwrath, (over 40 Swordwrath) they can beat big armies. A horde of Swordwrath can be destroyed in seconds using Shield Wall ability and Electric Wall. It will kill all the Swordwrath in seconds. So dont try to use this strategy if the opponent knows how to defeat the horde.
  • 1 single Swordwrath/spearton/Shadowrath can kill a chaos giant without taking any damage by moving behind the giant every time he swings his club. the giant needs time to turn around and strike you again. so simply move behind the giant and attack when he faces you.
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