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V Cloning itself

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V is the leader of the Elementals, he is a melee based mage unit and can use powerful spells to Boost the elemental army's powers, some of his spells allow him to clone himself, teleport a short distance, or control an enemy unit, The V's health is 3 bars, so he can be assassinated by a Shadowrath. If the original V is killed while his clones are alive, the clones automatically die.


In game, the V appears to be completely white with a black outline. When his clones spawn they appear to have a blue tint to them. If one looks closely it appears if V has a black coloured flame

In order to make The V In game, you need 1 of each basic elemental unit.

The V has a ability to clone 2 more Vs these clones however cannot clone themselves. The V also has a ability to control other units. The units will have a black color instead of their own color. This ability however when used on miners they will refuse to mine gold or produce mana.

Uses And Role[]

V is,as mentioned above,a melee and a spell caster unit.Though not as strong and hardy as a charrog,he is a better unit than all.V is a tactical unit,and so is not only for brute force.It is best used to control your foes units and to boost your army's strength.The best tactic to use is to control your foe's assassination units like crawlers,shadow wraths and kill the brunt units like magkill,marrowkai,medusa and if possible giants.If fighting chacos,control a bomber and guide him to a group of bomber and make him explode.This will make the other bomber's explode,cause a death expo happening.It may be tempting to control a giant or a mage,restrain from doing so.When fighting,keep the orginal V near your statue and make the clones to fight.