Zulkan's Adventures will quikly be your favourite platformer game. Join Zulkan and his friend Tipi as they try to survive in a forest full of enemies. Avoid turtles, caterpillars, lizards and other creatures. You will need to find treasures placed all around the globe. This journey will take you to beautiful forests, mountains, beaches, tunnels and much more. This is not an easy platformer game. It requires precision, patience and perfect gaming skills. 


Simple interface

  • Important information easy to see
  • Easy to jump over gaps
  • Adventurous look and feel
  • Character movement supporting running, jumping crawling and swimming
  • A lot of collectable treasures
  • Gravity/friction/collisions
  • Walk up slopes
  • Good enemy AI
  • 3 exciting levels
  • Platformer behaviour
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